ROI: your focus, our goal

The banners over the videos let us measure clicks and consequently, you can get a very reliable and accurate performance of your campaign.

Check other features of the immersive advertising that we can offer you. 

Publisher Network

We have agreements with online publishers to show your 360° videos in their websites or blogs. We can target Automotive, Movies, Travel, Real Estate among other hundreds of sites to reach your audience depending of your needs.

Spread the scope of your campaign, reaching the right target and using the last high-end engaging format.

Mediamerse Network

Cross-device serving

Your 360° videos with ads will run on Desktop and Mobile devices. Also, will run thorught 90% of the browsers on the market.

Cross-device Network

Targeting Capabilities

We can target several segments of audience. This give us the ability to improve our results at the performance level and reach out the users that your campaign needs.

Targeting Audience