Virtual reality

Virtual reality brings users into a completely new visual environment, separate from the real world. Many times it requires the use of expensive goggles or a headset.

But industry experts say augmented reality will soon surpass virtual reality as the most popular immersive technology.

With augmented reality, you are augmenting or adding to an existing environment or even a paper ad.

It’s typically done using special apps for a phone or tablet, making it much more cost effective.

Pokemon Go is a great example of augmented reality.

Agency MABU Creative Services Director Edward Sargeant says, “We also see people like Google using it to translate what we know right now as Google Maps. They’re actually working to get an augmented experience where you can see the directions on your phone, and it’ll actually guide you through the roads and the cities as you’re making your trip.”

Sargeant says you may begin to see augmented reality used as an educational tool, particularly in museums and at historical sights.

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