No contracts have been fulfilled or signed with any brand to run this demo. If you have any kind of rights over the images provided in this demo, please send us an email and we will remove them. Thanks. 

  • Objective: Awareness
  • Description: These banners are ready to be delivered through an online digital network (websites, blogs), and reach potential consumers. Additionally, banners are ready to be hosted on the advertiser’s website in order to show how a place looks like before users set a foot there. Each banner has a clickable image or call to action to drive users to the proper web destination (corporate website, landing page or social media network).
  • Format: Immersive Banners (JPG)
  • Banner: Custom (600×600, PNG transparent)
  • Click: Custom, redirects to the advertiser’s website
  • Photo Resolution: 3840×1920 (RGB)
  • Network: Digital Publishers (Travel, Luxury)

The following demo is fully functional. In order to test its performance and user interaction, click on the banner. Desktop users can open the immersive banner in full screen, try it.

Custom Size: 100% x 450px (responsive)

IAB Size: 300x600px



IAB Size: 300x250px


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