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Have you ever visited a cave where a prehistoric animal loved thousand of years ago?

Cueva del Milodon

The Cueva del Milodón is a site of great paleontological interest formed by three caves which have their remains almost intact. It is well known for having the “Devil’s Chair” at its entrance, a rock which, as legend says, was used by the mylodon as a throne. Others guarantee that it was Lucifer himself who lived here (Chile.travel).

Don’t freak out! You’ll find a life sized replica of the famous mammal which the place is named after. Take a picture wrestling with the animal or a cuter one, giving it a hug. When you finish, take the time to have a picnic in the surrounding area, as there are special places to eat in the middle of nature.

Declared historical monument in 1968 and national monument in 1993, the Milodon Caves treasure the stories and experiences of the first human groups in the continent. Men and women who came here seeking refuge from the unpredictable weather and the stalking wild animals, people we only knew from year 1895, when the German pioneer Hermann Eberhard made public the discovery of the site and the remains of skin that later would be identified as the remains of prehistoric Milodon.

According to what they told us, a wooden path will lead us directly to the entrance of the imposing and majestic cave. The echo will bounce our words and darkness will invite us to follow her to venture into the depths of the cave.

They warned us already that in a small viewpoint a wooden milodon will be waiting for us with open jaws and claws well prepared for the attack. Of course, there is nothing to fear. This replicates only seeks to draw our attention to show us the exhibition with the remains that prove its existence more than 14,000 years ago. There we can take pictures and learn more about this amazing animal and the secrets behind the green Patagonia (Torres del Paine.com).

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Eduardo Reyes

360° Video: Marcachile & Photo, credits to TravelHound.cl