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I am pretty sure that everybody, at least once, has searched on Google for references or reviews about an hotel because of a business or leisure trip. Tell me if I am wrong but in every occasion the results were the same:  thousands of alternatives and most of them very similar in terms of how the rooms look like, the surroundings, the front desk, etc.

If you agree with my argument, here is my question: how you -as a hotel owner- can differentiate from the competitors at the first view? Certainly, there are many ways to do it but one alternative, in particular, it is under our expertise: immersive marketing using branded 360° video or photos.

Why 360° video or photos?

I love this question! A 360° video or photo has the capability to show everything around, giving the opportunity to showcase everything from a place as a whole picture. Traditional videos, in the other side, can only show what the producer of the video want to show you. Meanwhile, in 360° video or photos, you, can move the camera and discover everything around.


  • Competitors will only show an hotel room with traditional photo or video. 360° content engage more than these formats, giving you the opportunity to attract more potential interested people in your facility.
  • Guests can discover how the place in reality looks like. A 360° photo or video offer to the potential guest  a virtual experience about the room with all the details.
  • Maximize the revenue. Since you can engage more, the cost per click will be -theoretically- lower, in other words, your Return Over the Investment (ROI) will be higher.

I really hope you can check the following examples with photos and videos from the Hotel Santa Cruz in Chile.



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