In this era of digital media and mobile technology consumers aren’t just regularly exposed to advertising – they’re constantly bombarded by it. By some estimates, we’ve gone exposure to an average of 500 ads per day to upwards of 5,000.

That means it’s harder than ever to gain – and maintain – consumers’ attention with TV, digital, and mobile marketing.

As a solution, forward-thinking brands are merging creative advertising concepts with 360-degree video to create captivating video ads. This emerging medium lets viewers rotate the camera in an immersive ad experience, creating more interaction and time spent within the ad.

Here are five brands employing 360 video in fun and innovative ways.

1. Nissan

Nissan’s Battle Test: Nissan Rogue 360 Experience

Thanks to a successful franchise reboot, Star Wars is back front and center in entertainment and pop culture. Nissan capitalized on this by creating a new 360-video ad to promote its new Rogue in conjunction with the Star Wars: Rogue One movie release last fall. Viewers are taken along on a “test drive” of the Nissan Rogue, with a 360 view of a Star Wars battle sequence featuring familiar landscapes and characters like Imperial Storm Troopers.

Entitled “Battle Test — A Nissan Rogue 360 Experience,” the videos were produced by LucasFilm’s Industrial Light & Magic studio, giving the video serious cinematic quality. With the Rogue Experience ads, Nissan was able to employ new 360-video technologies while still striking a nostalgia marketing nerve with even casual Star Wars fans.

Since the ad’s release, Nissan says that Rogue sales increased by 50 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year, surpassing the Altima as the car manufacturer’s most popular model.

2. Red Bull

Red Bull: Descent into a Raging Volcano

If there’s one global brand that’s become synonymous with action, adventure, and thrill-seeking, it’s Red Bull. An early adopter of video technology innovation like the GoPro, Red Bull has been using 360-degree video for some time now, giving viewers immersive experiences in things like Formula One Racing and Wingsuit gliding.

Recently, Red Bull tried something a bit different than their usual action sports 360, producing a video called “Splitting Distance: The Descent into a Raging Volcano.” Using professional filmmaking equipment along with GoPro-style mounted footage, the brand takes viewers from a remote village all the way down to the center of an active volcano. Red Bull also integrates informational graphics into “Splitting Distance,” lending facts and background on the geography of the region.

3. Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box: Enter the Mind of Jack 360 Brunchfast

One of the more fun and whimsical uses of 360 video comes from Jack in the Box. As part of a campaign to promote Jack’s extended breakfast menu hours, viewers can “Enter the Mind” of mascot/CEO Jack Box to get a 360-degree view of what might have inspired him to introduce “Brunchfast.”

The result is a combination of original music, live acting, and CGI to create Jack’s imaginary mindscape of bacon fields and hashbrown forests. The ad, produced by VR Playhouse, also features prominent social-media influencers Bart Baker, Daym Drops, and Josh Elkin performing an original “Brunchfast” song.

All humor aside, this 360 ad showcases a ton of technical know-how, planning, and execution. The virtual breakfast foods were wireframed, rendered, and animated using advanced software such as Mantra, Houdini, and Nuke, according to VR Playhouse.

4. Ford

Ford: Mustang Re-Rendezvous

Another auto brand making skillful use of 360 video is Ford in its “ReRendezvous” campaign for the new Ford Mustang. The video takes viewers on a stunning 360-degree tour of Paris in a Mustang, celebrating the 1976 iconic French driving film C’était un rendez-vous.

Producing “ReRendezvous” wasn’t without technical challenges; the cobblestoned streets of Paris make it difficult to capture steady footage from a camera mounted on a car. Ford was determined, and brought in some of the top talent in motorsports equipment rigging to capture smooth footage on bumpy streets. The result is a cinematic experience amazingly true to the original film, ending in a spectacular 360-degree view of Paris.

5. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet: Exploring Canada in 360

Before the explosion of the internet, Lonely Planet’s guides served as one of the primary sources of useful information for travelers seeking to explore new destinations. The brand has undergone quite a transformation over the years, and is now focused on creating compelling digital content to compete for eyeballs. And as a part of a recent partnership with Samsung, Lonely Planet is producing 360-degree travel videos as part of its annual “Best in Travel.”

The first series is focused on Canada, taking viewers on immersive excursions from the city streets of Vancouver to the picturesque mountains of Banff. The series was filmed using the Samsung Gear 360 portable action camera, equipped with a fish-eye lens and 15-megapixel image sensors that enables high-quality 360 video at an affordable price point. The Canada 360 videos are hosted by a Lonely Planet guide, and include graphics with local tips and facts to go along with the sights and sounds.

These are just a few recent examples of brands leveraging 360-degree video to grab consumers’ attention in today’s competitive advertising landscape. The videos are just a few illustrations of how companies are coming up with unique ways to showcase their brands by merging creativity and imagination with cutting-edge 360-degree video technology.



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