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The story

On the 30th April 2017 world famous climber Ueli Steck died on Mt. Nuptse whilst acclimatising for one of his biggest climbs yet – climbing both Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse without the use of bottled oxygen.

Continuing the misson

In April 2018 Ueli’s close friends Jon Griffith and Sherpa Tenji attempted to finish off his project. Tenji would try the climb without bottled oxygen whilst internationally award winning cameraman Griffith captured the story in 8K 3D Virtual Reality.

Only 175 people have ever stood on earth’s highest point without the use of bottled oxygen; more people have been in to space. Whilst Sherpa Tenji has already summited Everest without the use of bottled oxygen before, would he have what it takes to do it again? Follow him as he climbs higher and higher into the Death Zone, an area that contains so little oxygen that his body cannot survive for long.

Facing higher forces

Climbing without the use of bottled oxygen requires an exceptional weather window. Be there with Sherpa Tenji as the climbers face strong winds and have to take a vital decision high up on the mountain. Join them for one of the most immersive adventure experiences ever captured, and take in the view from the top of the world.

It’s a race against time.

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