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Enjoy La Portada of Antofagasta in 360°


In my last trip to Chile, I had the chance to visit this Natural Monument called “La Portada”, I hope you like it.

La Portada

This peculiar rocky formation resembles a white arch. Set in an area where strong waves crash into the cliffs, behold the power of nature reflected in these stone walls, which are actually mountain tops of the Coastal Mountain Range (Chile.Travel).

Walk along the coastline towards Tocopilla to reach the natural monument that is over 40 meters high. On the way, bring out your artistic side taking pictures of this beautiful natural sculpture from the different vantage points that surround it.

To get there, La Portada is located 18 km (11 mi) north of Antofagasta, which can be accessed by Route 1 Antofagasta-Tocopilla, from which an access road diverges at kilometer 20.

The monument is found near the Cerro Moreno International Airport and La Chimba National Reserve.

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Eduardo Reyes

Photo, credits to Johan Berna