Anniversary of Machu Picchu

On July 7th, Machu Picchu celebrates its 13th anniversary when it was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. For sure, it’s a very good reason to party all day long. According to New7Wonders official website, more than 100 million votes were cast worldwide by that time, stated today

Inti Raymi 360° (Cuzco, Perú)

Get to know and live the 360 ° experience of the “Inti Raymi” or “Fiesta del Sol”. Experience that transports you to the esplanade of the Inca Fortress of Saqsayhuaman in Cusco.

Promoting Chile through a virtual reality experience

Novel technologies such as 360 degrees, virtual and augmented reality, among others, are part of today’s most efficient and attractive marketing strategies

Amazing Places in 360° [4]

I found this image in Flickr. The quality of the image is so great that I decided to post it ans share with you guys.