Awesome week! The best week ever for Chilean entrepreneurs coming to US. Yes, our Chilean friends rocked in Miami during 2 days in town.

Prochile, a government organization responsible for the promoting of the country and its companies, organized a super event where more than 20 startups coming form Chile met partners like The Lab Miami, 500 Startups or companies like Open English ans its super star Andrés Moreno (nice guy BTW).

To reach the US market is not a piece of cake and here in Mediamerse, we know about it (C-H-I- CHI! ..yes, we are from Chile too) but with the support of people like Prochile, Sercotec, MarcaChile etc., yeah, it’s possible.

Finally, congrats to Camila Salas from Marca Chile for such a great nigh named “Ask about Chile” where the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Mr. Roberto Ampuero said  “Queremos que el mundo conozca nuestro talento, nuestra fuerza creativa y nuestra capacidad de buscar soluciones innovadoras” (‘We want the world to know our talent, our creative strength and our ability to look for innovative solutions‘) . And it’s true… with attitude, courage and faith it’s so possible.

If some of you guys decide to come to US, write me an email to [email protected], I’ll invite the coffee to help you out in this challenging but incredible experience.

BTW: Check our gallery of 360 photos about the Prochile Innovation Summit: CHECK HERE



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