Nobody can denied that there’s a incipient revolution in terms of ads. Now, Swiss International Air Lines launched a web ad that uses augmented reality (AR) to show an immersive view of its new business cabin. According to Mobile Marketer “smartphone users can navigate a computer-generated version of a jet’s interior and tap on “hot spots” to view more information about dining and video entertainment choices onboard.”

Who is behind? Mindshare and immersive interactive technology group Coffee Labs to create the immersive WebAR vertical video ad. Both companies developed the AR experience, which doesn’t require a separate app download, using the Google Marketing Platform. Clicking on a banner ad opens the AR experience that begins by showing a virtual flight attendant transposed over a smartphone user’s real surroundings, as a video demonstration shows.



There’s an interesting point in this ad: it is vertical video. This is vital for mobile campaigns because many smartphone users are most familiar with swiping through social media feeds with a single hand. Fewer than 30% of mobile users turn their phones sideways to watch an ad, and those that do only watch about 14% of the ad content, according to a study by agency Media Brix.

We really like this kind of ideas.


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