A travel destination is not a product or a service. In both cases, it is not that difficult to promote them if you use static images or a video as banners. However, it is hard to communicate an experience related to a travel destination through such kind of creatives. Then, the challenge for tourism agencies or travel organizations is “how to promote it properly”.

Images and traditional videos are mono-focus; that means it is only possible to see what the photographer wants to show. Sometimes, this is tricky since there are much more behind a scene. I am not saying that people could hide something, not at all, but I am assuring you that a picture or traditional video would not reflect how amazing a place could be as a whole. The absence of all the angles of a place causes a loss of opportunity to attract the user’s attention.

A very good solution for advertisers is to use 360° photos or videos, because this format allows the user to watch everything around (the 360° video above is a real example). Taking control of the point of view, a user could see how a place looks like in reality. With 360° there is no space to lost the chance to enjoy amazing places.

The next video shows Machu Picchu, the most breathtaking place in Peru, and I would like to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.


Eduardo Reyes

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