If you frequently dream of relaxing in a heavenly beach, then you must treat yourself and visit Anakena, a paradise in Easter Island, where your dream will come true.



Meet the warm, calm and turquoise waters of Anakena beach in Easter Island. Enjoy its white coral sand and palm trees, set in the foreground of the two Ahus and their Moai. A unique landscape, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Chile.travel).

Delight with a sunbath and swim by the shore, as this is the only beach on the island that is officially open for bathing. Relax by the seaside kiosks, where you can try tuna empanadas and the traditional poe, a sweet pudding made of pumpkin and flour.




Anakena beach is also known as Haŋa rau o te ‘ariki (source: https://www.easterisland.travel), and received its name after the first Rapa Nui king Hotu Matu’a disembarked on Easter Island a thousand years ago. He and his people populated the island for the very first time. The king Hotu Matu’a built his first house at this beach, and forevermore Anakena remained the sacred land of the royal family.

Anakena has two ahu. One of them is Ahu Nau-Nau, which has seven moai statues. Two of them are broken. The other one is called Ahu Ature Huke, which has only one moai statue. The Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl restored and raised the first moai statue ever in 1956 (Moai of Ahu Ature Huke). Heverdahl raised the statue by using rocks, logs and rope only. He used logs as levers to lift the statue, and then put the rocks underneath raising the statue little by little.

The Norwegian adventurer and his archaeological expedition team had their camp in this place in 1955-1956, while they restored the statue, and later in 1986.

Interesting, isn’t it? What are you waiting to visit Anakena in Easter Island? Meanwhile, you can enjoy watching a virtual tour of this amazing place.


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360° Video: Marcachile & Photo, credits to Tim Waters

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