We want to invite you to watch virtually Atacama, the driest desert in the world and its amazing places.

Far from being a desolate, arid wilderness, the Atacama desert is overflowing with life. Its ancient cultures offer a warm welcome to modern travellers, and fertile oases sustain an astonishing diversity of life here in the world’s driest desert.
Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore its singular landscapes, quite unlike anywhere else on earth. Vast salt flats, active geysers and intense blue lagoons are just a few of the extraordinary features of this region.  Journey to the stars and learn more about the constellations in one of the many famed astronomical observatories in the northern half of Chile.
Check in best quality 360° videos about this breathtaking area in the North of Chile.

You can watch more 360° videos visiting www.chilein360.com. From here, you also can #voteforchile since Atacama has been nominated as the Leading Tourism Destination in the 2018 World Travel Awards #SouthAmerica.


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