Currently, over a 98% of the 360-degree videos are delivered by only 2 platforms: YouTube and Facebook. Although both platforms allow the users to embed this content in their own websites, the capabilities to measure the real impact of the videos is quite poor. Why? Simple, there’s only a few tools to know the numbers of impressions and that’s it. What happen with the clicks? Sorry, there’s no way to know that.

In this oligopoly scenario, the opportunity for brands to show their ads is very disappointing. Certainly, they need to know and understand several kinds of metrics; otherwise, it’s impossible for them to measure their ROI.

This is one of the reasons because a 3rd massive channel must appear in the digital industry. A 3rd alternative to spread the scope of the marketing campaigns further than YouTube and Facebook, not limited by a single company, I mean a channel owned by many online publishers. We need the power of mass.

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