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YouTube vs Mediamerse


When I speak about how to show a 360° video, most of the people use to say they can also upload the video to YouTube or Facebook, which is completely true. So, what is the purpose to pay for a service when YouTube is free? I love this question. Let me give you same ideas:

1. YouTube is free. Right! You can upload a 360° video in this platform for $0. But in reality, nothing is free, somebody will pay something soon or later. In this particular case, your users will pay the cost in terms of ads because when they watch your video, YouTube will show them advertising. What’s the problem? These ads will not be “your ads”. Will be from somebody else. In other words, you put the content, users will watch your amazing 360° video and then, another people/company will get the click. Sad but true.

2. YouTube allows adding a link in the description. It’s true again! But, can you measure that link? Would you be able to know how many users reached your website from YouTube? No, you can’t know that. This platform only provides information about how many reproductions of the video you got, but nothing else.

3. I can invest some money to add banners on YouTube. Yes, you can do it, but you can’t add banners in your own content (your 360° video). Banners will appear across the thousand of videos that people upload to the platform. Even if you are able to target a highly specific audience, the probability your banner matches your video will be extremely low.

4. YouTube will show my 360° video to users who are looking for that kind of content. That is correct. The platform is very intuitive and will show the content according to the user’s search history. However, YOU won’t be able to define that target. So, YOU won’t be able to focus your content in specific users.


Mediamerse’s Value Proposition

I could mention some more reasons, but I think I made my point. Mediamerse is very similar than YouTube since both platforms were designed to distribute video content. However, Mediamerse has the ability to:

A. Show your 360° video and add your banners on it.

B. Make these embedded banners “clickable”, so users will reach your site.

C. Target very specific audience, since we run videos in hundreds of websites and blogs.

D. Provide metrics like number of reproductions, clicks, gender, age, interests of the users, and even more important, how effective your campaign was.


This is a quick example of our work.


You can also watch the video by clicking the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZFzjl7ykzY


This video was uploaded to YouTube in August 2016. Since them, the video has been watched by 260 users only.

We ran the same video in some of our websites and added a couple of ads for testing purposes. In one week, without any effort, we got 150 views. Probably, in a few extra weeks without investing a single dollar, we can overcome the views from YouTube and eventually generate a couple of clicks for this Hotel. In other words, what we do is to amplify the scope and the effectiveness of immersive marketing campaigns. That is our value proposition.



Eduardo Reyes

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Disclaimer: Mackay Marina Hotel is not a client. We got their content from the Internet just to develop a demo for them. Mediamerse and its team respect the private property and brands rights. If you do not agree with the current use of the brand, please send a direct message to: [email protected] to remove this post immediately.



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