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# Brand Logo Objective Type
1 MarcaChile MarcaChile MarcaChile promotes the country of Chile in the international market. The 360° Video Ad promotes Chile in the World Travel Award.1 Watch the 360° Video Ad
2 ProChile ProChile Prochile and a group of Chilean companies participated for the first time in eMerge Americas 2019 in Miami. Watch the 360° Video Ad
3 Aquaboard Miami AcquaBoard Miami Acquaboard Miami offers package to visit the offshore of Miami Beach and surroundings. Watch the 360° Video Ad
4 Cabañas Hanga Roa Cabañas Hanga Roa The 360° compilation video, promotes the facility of a tourist business in El Quisco - CHILE Watch the 360° Video Ad
5 ProChile ProChile Promote Chilean companies in the international market. In this opportunity, ProChile organized the Miami Summit 2019. Watch the 360° Video Ad
6 Victory Auto Body Shop Victory Auto Body Shop Victory Auto Body Shop is a local business in Miami. The Video Ad shows how the auto repair shop looks like. Watch the 360° Video Ad
7 Waterman Landing Victory Auto Body Shop A confortable and friendly coffee shop in Lake Tahoe (California, US), in the middle of the winter, it's a really awesome place to work. Enjoy the place in 360°. Watch the 360° Video Ad
8 Mt Rose (Lake Tahoe) Victory Auto Body Shop Lake Tahoe ski resorts are covered in some of the finest powder on earth! Watch how Mediamerse can promote this place with 360°. Watch the 360° Video Ad
9 San José Earthquakes Victory Auto Body Shop To push the buy of Seasonal Tickets and using a particular match in September, we we used a 360° video of the Avaya Stadium to show the opportunity to be there. Watch the 360° Video Ad
10 Hotel Santa Cruz (CHILE) Victory Auto Body Shop In the world of the hospitality, 360° videos could have a very special place. Why? Check it out yourself. Watch the 360° Video Ad

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