Let us show you the potential of the immersive advertising

We offer the following services for brands or media agencies. Check which one fit better according to yiur needs. 

360° video banners

Mediamerse 360° branded content videos, have a trackable banner that users will be able to click to drive sales to your website. It will be shown in hundreds of premium websites and blogs around the world.

  • 360° videos Ads generate 3 times more clicks than traditional videos.
  • 360° video users are likely to watch the entire content 30% more than traditional videos.
  • You will have their full attention. Now is up to you to create delightful content.
Mediamerse Corp

360° social engagement

Using exactly the same logic as before, in this case we push users to reach your social media presence. It's also possible to combine it with 360° advertising.

  • Get users to reach your social media combining it with 360° Ads.
  • Smartest way to generate more leads and build a social media following.
  • Increase customer engagement connecting immersive content with tradicional content.
  • Skyrocket your brand awareness by adding more digital channels.
Mediamerse Corp

360° landing pages

Using the same immersive content, Mediamerse publishes it on client's website. It's possible to use as many videos as the client needs.

  • Inmersive content is a new type of content. It relies on two technologies: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
  • Travel, Real Estate, and Automotive industries, among others, are specially suitable for Mediamerse 360° Ads, allowing potencial clients to actually see what they are interested in.
Mediamerse Corp

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