Get more brand awareness impacting your clients with immersive experiences


Your 360º ads will be showed on desktop, mobile devices and headsets

Brand Safety

We orquestrate a closed network of websites, monitoring them periodically


Access your metrics 24/7 through Google tools

Publisher Network

Mediamerse orchestrates a network of hundred of websites and blogs to post your branded 360° video/photo or immersive ad.

We can target several industries such as Automotive, Travel, Real Estate among others to reach specific audiences depending of your needs.

Spread the scope of your campaign, reaching the right target and using the last high-end engaging format.

Mediamerse - Sites

Cross-device serving

360° video/photos with ads will run on Desktop and Mobile devices, covering approximately 90% of the browsers on the market.

Mediamerse - Platforms

Targeting Capabilities

We can target several segments of audience. Giving us the ability to improve results at the performance level, reaching out the users that your campaign needs.

Mediamerse - Targeting

Think business wisely

Clients will enjoy and experience products and services actually prior they purchase them. DIfferentiate your company from your competitors.


times more clicks generates 360° videos than traditional videos.


percent of the users are likely to watch the entire video.


percent of attention. Explote the content to enrich the experience. 

Mediamerse amplifies the scope and effectiveness of the immersive marketing. Through a network of premium websites and blogs, Mediamerse distributes branded content using 360° video/photos and VR ads.

Are you ready to surprise and engage your audience with Immersive Advertising?

Eduardo Reyes, Mediamerse founder

Mediamerse is a certified company by Brand Chile to distribute Chile's Logo under a License for institutional or corporate use.

Mediamerse is proudly Google Certified Partner

Mediamerse was an alumni at The Idea Center - Miami 2018