Seducing Real Estate Investors?

Real Example:

Let's say you are managing a high valuable real estate portfolio and your clients live in foreign countries. How can you show a group of properties in one single day without making your client travel? Exactly! Using 360° videos is one and maybe the best alternative to achieve your goal.

PROPERTIES FOR ME is a website specialized on 360° videos about real estate properties. Users are mainly investors and they look proactively new business opportunities.

  • Investors can check virtually a properly before they visit it
  • If you are specialized on foreign investor, 360° videos are a great solution to showcase your portfolio
Real Estate investors doesn't have time to visit every potential business, specially if they live abroad. In order to offer an efficient way to acknowledge several places in a very short time, they can watch them through 360° videos and visit virtually all of properties in a fraction of time. They can check all of them and decide before to travel, which of them worth to visit in person."
Eduardo Reyes, Mediamerse's Founder

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