Delight your consumers showing how a place feels like before they set a foot on there using 360° videos / photos or VR assets

Travelers are not longer buying trips, they are investing a new experiences.

Real Example:

The challenge for travelers is how to know if a place is in reality as great as a picture or video shows. That is the reason because they search on websites of blog like  TRAVELS FOR ME.

Give them them the opportunity to expose your place in a virtual way, and help them to take a faster buying decision.

  • Show travelers an immersive experience about your facility or place
  • Works for Hotels, Restaurants even to promote a country as a destination

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Specially for non experienced travelers, to take a decision where to spend the next vacations is hard. There are multiple choices and identify the best one is real challenge. Help them to take the right decision using immersive content, it is a great alternative."
Eduardo Reyes, Mediamerse founder